As all knows that Gaana App is offering 50 Rs recharge for login in through facebook. 
So here is an hack for gaana app for getting unlimited recharge. 

Requirement for the trick :-
  1. Youwave.
  2. Ur own domain integrated with google apps bussiness edition sevice.

  1. TC of Gaana app says that the FB id must be 90days old with atleast 10 friends. But it works even if the id is created just now.
  2. You can try with gmail new id if dont own a domain and ur domain id is not integrated with Google apps Bussiness Edition. (Trick may or may not work)

Steps :-
  1. Login to ur admin panel and create new user.
  2. Sign in to ur new Inbox. 
  3. Create a new FB id using ur new mail id.
  4. Confirm your Account. 
  5. Open Gaana App in YouWave and sign in through new FB id u jst created.   
  6. You can recieve the code in your mail also. 
  7. Delete the user which u created (if not required) in ur google admin panel. 
  8. Open Paytm app in Youwave & Signup Using any random Number n mail id.  
  9. Apply the Coupon n Its Done.   
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