Hello friends,
Today I’m gonna share one message which I got on Whatsapp. It’s about sar (Specific Absorption Rate) value which indicates how much radiations your phone is emitting. More sar value can cause severe diseases like cancer. So read the post carefully and check whether your phone is safe or not.
Check SAR of phone
Dial *#07# on your cell phones to check phones radiation level which is also known as SAR value. If it is less than 1.6 watt/kg then it’s fine. If it’s more, then please dispose your cell phone. If it does not display anything even after dialling *#07# then definitely dispose it because cheap phones may not display such notifications. Branded phones like Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG satisfy the norms and show proper sar value. So save yourself and people around you from the unwanted radiation from these cheap phones.
Spread this message like a wild fire so that we may save some one from cancer.

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