Recently Got a new Android Phone but it have some restrictions you’re not able to explore and use all Function because you don’t have complete administrative privileges . Don’t worry you can overcome all these things my Rooting your Android device (Phone/Tablet), as the Android Scope in mobile market has been grown to a very high extent so there many tons of tricks and method to Root any Android Smartphone of Tablet. So for our readers we have presenting a latest trick to Root any Android Smartphone/tablet without Computer or Laptop.

Now many would think what’s the Advantage of Rooting my Android Phone, be calm below i have explained everything about rooting an Android device. So let’s get Started

What is Android Rooting or What does rooting an Android device means?

As everyone of us Know Android is an Open Source Mobile Platform which powers devices (Smartphones/Tablets) in more than 190 Countries all around the Globe in many different Language. As Android is so popular the device manufactures don’t allows their user to get Full root access which limits some of the features of device. Rooting an Android device is the Process in which we get Control on all Administrative privileges of a device.

Advantages of Rooting an Android device – Why you should root your Android Phone or Tablet

  • Install Custom ROM :- Don’t like your Android Phone UI, there are tons of Custom ROM’s available in the market which can make increase your device performance as well as can provide more customization Option which will Change your device experience completely.
  • Install Special Apps :- You’ll find many application for your Android device which you’re not able to install on your device as they are compatible with only Rooted device. These Special application are more powerful and can increase device performance to a great extent and you’ll able to install those apps after rooting your Android device only.
  • Can Update Android version:- Android device keep on launching their new updated version of their Software. So its good to keep your device updated too. But many time your device manufactures doesn’t provide the Update. Then if you have your Android device rooted then easily you can update your Android OS version.
  • And the list goes on…!!

How to root Android Phone/Tablet without using Desktop or Laptop

So after knowing numerous benefits of rooting your Android Smartphone, I’m sure you would be excited to root your’s. Here below I have mentioned two methods in which we will use Two different apps. But before rooting your Android device please make sure that you have taken backup of your data as well your device is Charged. So now Simply follow the below instructions:-

Root android device using Framaroot app

Framaroot is an app developed by XDA forum member’s. The Framaroot application can root almost any android device with just a Single Click.

  1. Click here to Download Framaroot app on your Android device. This is the latest version of Framaroot application so it will also all the latest smartphones. 
  2. Now move the downloaded file into a specific folder of your SD card.
  3. Then install the app from the .apk file. Just tap the File and after that Click on Install button.
  4. Now it provide you with many options, Choose “Install Superuser” Option from them.
  5. It will present you with six exploits, choose anyone of them and wait for sometime.
  6. If the rooting is successfully done then you’ll see message as “Success:-)… Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your device"
  7. And if the rooting is failed it will show a message as “Failed., Try another exploit if available”, then simply select another exploit.

Check whether your Android device is rooted or not?

After you have rooted your Android device from any of these method. Its time to Check whether it has been rooted or not. For this you use two apps:-

NOTE :- Rooting an Android device may Void your device warranty or if rooting process is not done properly, your device may also get bricked. We are not at all responsible any damages caused to your device while rooting.

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