Access Multiple Facebook Accounts Side By Side from Google Chrome together

Hey friends, many of you must have two or three fb accounts and you have to logout from one account and login to other from say, Google Chrome.
Well, I know how to access both from Google Chrome together!

Seems curious? Well, here's how to do it...

  • Open Facebook Account 1 from Chrome.
  • After you login anand news feed shows up, right click on the "f" button. Select OPEN IN INCOGNITO MODE.
  • This will open another webpage on top of the browser, in incognito mode. 
  • As its incognito, it can't be traced from both sides, neither your browser history, nor facebook server. It will again display login options. 
  • Now login to account 2.

Congratulations! Now you can mange two facebook accounts from same browser simultaneously side by side. 
If you want to open more accounts repeat the procedure again...

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