Expandable storage such as SD cards are great. They can make your phone or camera a much larger and more versatile beast. But when a card corrupts you can lose a lot.

Here's what to do if your SD card has stopped working. First of all, don't format the disk if you want to retain any of the photos on it. And unless you have a lot of valuable data that you absolutely need to get back, we'd caution against employing a third-party data-recovery company. At least not before you have tried the following.

How To Recover Files From Corrupt SD Card.

You will need some specialist recovery software . I am recommending a program called ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery).Other similar programs are available ,but ZAR worked for us and it is free for us.

  • Click here to Download and install ZAR ( Zero Assumption Recovery)
  • Insert the damage card reader in your PC via card reader
  • Launch Zar (you may have to disable your PC's Security in which case I recommended you Disable Your internet Connection)   
  • When prompted click the image recovery (free) Option.This will help you to recover photos
  • ZAR will now look for devices that are installed and you need to point it towards the offending SD card 
  • Select the Correct Disk and click Next.This will take a few minutes
  • Once this finished you will see the list of recovered files. On most SD Card the chances are that clicking the "Root" check box will select all the images
  • Click Next and you can than select the folder into which recovered files will be placed

  Notes:- When you will be asked for destination you must select Your PC'c Hard Disk and Not back on the corrupt SD card.

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