Here is a easiest way to complete sharecash survey.

Required App To Complete On Android  :-
  1. Google Chrome Browser. 
  2. VPN ( Recommended :- TunnelBear VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN).
Procedure :

  1. Firstly you will need to Force close, clear caches & data of chrome browser. Go in Settings -> Application -> Chrome Browser. 
  2. Now connect to VPN. Use United State VPN. 
  3.  Open Chrome Browser & Open the sharecash link from which you want to download. 
  4.  Request the website to load in Desktop mode.
  5.  Now select any survey but I recommend you to select one I marked below. 
  6. Now input all fake data. You can find fake data on fakenamegenerator.com. See to it that its set to United State. And fake details are of United States. 
  7.  Till you get to this page.

  8.  Now wait for about 1 min and your download will start.

This unlocks the download file. It works 100% as I tested it for two times.

For PC USERS :- 
Uses CCleaner to clean caches & data.
Other whole process is same as above.

Enjoy download..!!

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